The what and why of the series

Edit: 29/02/2020

Let us guide you through the process of speaking. From coming up with a fantastic talk idea, through to on the day, smashing that presentation.

It’s no secret there is a lot of work that goes into creating an entertaining, informative and enjoyable talk. No matter if it’s a soft/work skills talk, a talk about your experiences or an in-depth deep dive.

As part of the work that is organising DDD East Midlands, we would like to make presenting at our conference as accessible and unintimidating as possible. We also want to encourage all of you to give speaking a try! It’s a great experience and will help you in your day to day jobs.

The content of this series is based on the things we have learnt in the last couple of years. It’s our hope that it may help you on your submissions to DDD East Midlands, and other conferences.

Jess and Moreton at the DDD East Midlands Intro

Jess and Moreton at the DDD East Midlands Intro

Let's have some fun!

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How To Talk Really, Really Good