Gosia Borzęcka


At DDD East Midlands we want to support our speakers. We are achieving this not only by offering a brilliant speakers workshop presented by Dylan Beattie to all our successful speakers but also by offering mentorship.

Gosia and Matt have kindly offered their time and experience as international speakers to those who want it. Gosia and Matt are both two fantastic examples of the brilliance the East Midlands has to offer. We started off this series of posts with Matt Brunt’s answers to our questions around why he loves the East Midlands tech scene and about his experiences.

In this post, it’s Gosia’s turn to introduce herself.

Gosia Borzęcka

Office Development MVP, Founder of the Notts Dev Workshop, International Speaker, Office365 Developer at Intelligent Decisioning Ltd.

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Hey! We hear you’ve been selected as one of the DDD East Midlands Mentors. Congratulations on being a marvellous person! Mind giving us a which introduction to who you are?

Hey. I’m Gosia, and I’m a software developer specialised in Microsoft technology. Currently, I’m working with .NET, React, and TypeScript in Intelligent Decisioning Ltd as and Office 365 Developer. I’m also a one of three Office Development MVP in the UK (and only one woman).

I’m organising a NottsDevWorkshop, and I spoke at many events around the globe about my two favourite topics: SharePoint and Cognitive Services.

I love travelling and based on the work I’m doing now — I can deliver a solution for the clients from the place I’m visiting.

What do you think makes The East Midlands stand out in terms of the tech scene?

East Midlands, especially Nottingham, have a lot of great meetups — where everyone can find something interesting. Here are also a lot of companies that understand what community means and support not only meetups but also their employees to be part of these communities as attendees, speakers, or hosting the events. And of course — on all events everyone is welcome!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you as a speaker and how did you recover from it?

Maybe not embarrassing, but the most stressful situation. On one conference when I go to the room to check that everything is working, I found that I can easily show my PowerPoint presentation but when I tried to show PowerShell — the contrast was too high that attendees could see anything. With luck, my session was first, and I start checking an hour before my session. But the issue was resolved just minutes before my talk, and at that moment, my presentation based on the live demo. The lesson what I learnt was to have a video or screens of my demo to show if any difficulties will happen on the event day.

Can you tell us about one of your top highlights from your life in tech?

Being part of MVP Community, attend MVP Summit and met a lot of people that are responsible for a product, software that I use every day.

Say someone is looking to get more involved in the community, or even speak, and you were allowed to give one piece of advice. What would that advice be?

You are great, and you know brilliant things. And there are a lot of people that don’t know what you know! Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and experience, don’t be afraid to make mistakes as no one is perfect and if you need help to go out from your comfort zone — come to any meetup to talk with people that are happy to help you with your public speaking.

Thanks Gosia! Hope you enjoy the conference!

Say hello and tell Gosia how awesome she is if you see her at the DDD East Midlands Conference!