Hack The Planet!

Although the month of Hacktoberfest is almost over, we’re going to have a Hacktoberfest stand at DDD East Midlands today.

As part of this, we’ll be looking to promote the use of, and contribution to, Free and Open Source Software, and will be helping folks make their first foray into contributing.

There’s so much Free and Open Source software that you are using day-to-day, maybe unknowingly, and getting a chance to celebrate this fact and spend some time giving back to projects is really key, especially as it can lead to you gaining confidence and allowing you to look to contribute throughout the year.

And even better, at the closing ceremony we’ll be giving away a pair of these awesome Sammy the Shark slippers, courtesy of Digital Ocean, to one of the contributors to this page!

So get started by following the instructions below, and add your picture!

Profile picture for AnnaDodson Profile picture for AverageMarcus Profile picture for MarkWithall Profile picture for MrAndrewSeward Profile picture for carolgilabert Profile picture for elsa Profile picture for jamespettifer Profile picture for jamietanna Profile picture for jennifer_mackown Profile picture for ninypops Profile picture for paulking Profile picture for richardtasker


Raise your Pull Request through the web UI

  1. Log in to your GitHub account (If you don’t have an account - you’ll need to register to get started)
  2. Fork the repository. Head to github.com/DDDEastMidlandsLimited/dddem-blog and click the Fork button in the top right

    This will create a copy of the project to your account so you can add your photo.

  3. Upload your photo. Take a picture of yourself having a blast at DDD! Make sure you name the file your GitHub username so we know it’s you! For example: AnnaDodson.png.

    Under the code tab, select the folder assets > img > 2019-10-26 > hacktoberfest-corner and on the right click the Upload files button. Upload your picture!

  4. Commit your changes. At the bottom of the page, add a title like “Uploaded picture of Anna” and select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request, a suggested branch name will appear, you can leave it as it suggests.

    Click Commit changes when you’re happy with your file - make sure you’ve named it your GitHub username!

  5. Raise a Pull Request. Once the file is uploaded, you’ll be directed to a Open a pull request page but you want to create the pull request against the DDD project repository so head over to the repo github.com/DDDEastMidlandsLimited/dddem-blog and click the Pull Requests tab.

    There should be a yellow banner with your name and a button saying Compare & pull request (if there isn’t click the New pull request button) click the button to create your pull request.

    The branches selected should be:

    base repository: DDDEastMidlandsLimited/dddem-blog and base: master

    head repository: your project name and compare: your branch name

    Fill in the description box with your name “Photo uploaded at DDD!”, make sure the box is ticked for Allow edits from maintainers so we can help make changes if needed and then click Create pull request to create your pull request!! 🎉

  6. Have fun and ask for help if you need it!!
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