Here's some facts, hints and stats to help

Over the last year or so we have shared a number of posts, references and information about submission. In order to make it easier to get the information you may need, here is a centralised list of those resources.

In this blog we’ll cover:

  • Before you decide

    This section goes through all the questions you might have before you submit a talk. It includes travel and expenses, what subjects can be submitted, information about attendees and more.

  • When you are submitting

    You have been convinced! You are going to submit to this most excellent conference! This section covers all the things you need to know.

  • Not sure where to start with submitting? Here are some resources to help from reviews of talk descriptions through to filling in the DDD submission form.

Before you decide

There are a few things you may want to know before committing to a submission - whether it determines if you can make it to the conference, or influences the content of your submission. Here a few of the frequently ask questions around this area are answered.

Are Travel and Expenses Covered?

Unfortunately, we will not be covering travel or expenses (T&E) for speakers, with the exception of the Keynote.

The reason for this is funding. As a not-for-profit with free tickets to attendees, we throw all the funding into the conference and related DDD East Midlands events.

We understand that by not providing T&E it limits opportunity for those outside of the local area from submitting and this is regrettable. We are making efforts to encourage speakers for all experiences and backgrounds locally to submit and hope to still have a diverse range of speakers submit.

Lengths of talks.

For the 2020 event - you can submit for three different lengths of talks.

  • 60-minute talks: This is the same as the talks from last year. We suggest a talk length of 45 - 50 minutes and time for questions. If you do not wish to take questions, please aim to have the talk adaptable so that 10 - 15 minutes can be cut if needed. This is only in case of emergencies, such as the fire alarms in 2019 which resorted in the schedule having to be altered. These will have their own slots with breaks before and after.

  • 30-minute talks: These talks are shorter and can be a 30 full minutes or 20 - 25 minutes with the remaining time for questions from the audience. These will have their own slots with breaks before and after.

  • 15-minute lightning talks: If you think a 30-minute talk is a bit too intimidating, how about submitting for a lightning talk? Three lightning talks will be presented in a session, one after the other with breaks before the first talk and after the third.

Who can submit?

Anybody working in or learning about technology! No matter what your discipline or level of experience, you can submit to DDD East Midlands conference.

Designers, developers, managers, founders, user researchers and more! We want submissions from you ALL.

What sort of subjects are you looking for?

Again, anything relevant to the technology industry. Examples of topic areas include:

  • Tech Talks: Anything from “a beginners guide to” to war stories and deep dives.

  • Core Skills: Some people refer to these as “soft skills” or “people skills”. Talks relating to that skill set we all require - management, ethics, people and more.

  • Other Maybe you have experience which means you could talk about another perspective of tech. Legalities, finances or otherwise. You might have a topic that you think would benefit a broad range of technologists.

What is the “anonymous submission” about?

Talks are selected via attendee vote. Attendees are only shown talk titles and descriptions (which is why we ask that these do not contain any identifiable information).

There is more information about the anonymous submission process, and why we run this process int this blog post: The Anonymous Submission Process.

Who attended last year?

To find out more about last years attendees, check out our previous post Statistics from 2019.

Is there any information on last years submissions?

Again, our stats on last years submissions can be found in our previous post Statistics from 2019.

What kind of support is available to speakers?

There is a variety of support we are offering to speakers.

When you are submitting

A few things to consider when submitting a talk to the conference.

Read and apply the Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all elements of DDD East Midlands - our online and physical presence and the talks that are submitted and presented.

Please ensure both your submissions and content abide to the Code Of Conduct, which can be found here.

Where can you submit to talk?

You can access the submission form here.

Can multiple talks be submitted per speaker?

Each speaker can submit up to 5 talks to DDD East Midlands Conference

Can one speaker submit multiple lengths of talk?

Yes! You can submit each talk for different lengths if you think you can adapt it, or you can submit different talks at different lengths if you wish.

How do you use the Sessionize submission form?

A full step by step guide on how to fill in the Sessionize form can be found here.

When sharing your submission

Feel free to share on social media that you have submitted to DDD East Midlands but please do not mention your talk title. We realise that our anonymous process isn’t perfect, but this helps us keep the playing field fair.

About DDD East Midlands Conference:

Submitting a talk

We look forward to your submissions!