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Where to stay and what to do in Nottingham


Where to stay

What to eat

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Things to do


Intro to this page

While you are in Nottingham there are many ways to enjoy the city, so stay a while and make the most of it! This list will keep getting up dated on the run up to the event with more and more things to see do and eat!

Where to stay


Crowne Plaza This is around the corner from the venue for DDD East Midlands Conference. It would be hard to be closer.

Lace Market Hotel A short walk across city center, this is a good option if you are looking to treat yourself to a fancy room. The downstairs bar and restaurant is also lovely.

There are a lot of other options, all walkable, in the city center. They range depending on your budget, and include: Travel Lodge, Ibis, Best Western, Mercure.

What to eat


Annies American style breakfasts, bottomless coffee, tea and even a cheeky milkshake if you fancy it.

Pudding Pantry A range of sweet and savoury breakfast options include FANTASTIC pancakes.

Delilahs Delilahs is a delicatessen with restaurant. Shop for tasty treats and enjoy breakfast all in one place.

Yolk How do you like your eggs in the morning? Down the hill in Lace Market, yolk has a range of tasty egg based options.

Cartwheel The DDD East Midlands coffee provider, Jessica’s favourite coffee destination and a great breakfast spot with a delicious and varied menu.


Annies American style burgers with vegan, vegetarian, carnivore and gluten free options.

Yamas Greek meze style dining, with a friendly and wholesome atmosphere.

Coco Tang Tasty vietnamese dishes and a great range of coffees, teas and cocktails to go with.

Bonzai Authentic, delicious japanese food. Range include bento, sashimi, sushi and more.

Turtle Bay Caribbean food and cocktails. Caters for a range of food preferences and intolerance’s.

Feeling Thirsty?


Nottingham holds host to many independent coffee houses, many with their own roasts. You could make a tour of the different offers. Some we recommend include Cartwheel, 200 Degrees, Outpost, Blend


This page has an excellent list of Craft Beer Venues. We have a lot of local brews for you to try and cosy venues to try them in!


Looking for a cocktail or mocktail in an interesting location? There are many great bars in Nottingham including The Walrus, Tilt, The Alchemist, The Hockley Arts Club, Penny Lane.

There are a few hidden locations too, so if you are looking to have a cocktail in one of the Nottingham caves, ask a local to point you the right way.

Want some nature?

The Arboretum A short walk from the venue, the Arboretum is a beautiful green park, with a pond and bandstand. It frequently holds hosts to events.

Nottingham Castle There is a fee to get in, but well worth the price to explore the gardens, visit the historical building and go into the Nottingham caves. If you are with your family there is a fantastic play area for the kids (and grown up kids) to enjoy as well.

Stonebridge City Farm A 20 minute trek from City Center, or a quick bus ride away, Stonebridge City Farm is another great activity for a family. Charity run, you can see and meet a whole host of animals.

Things to do


Ludorati Food, drink, games and even an RPG room with sound and light effects. This is a great place to socialise with friends old and new.

Escape Rooms

If you want to get a group of people together, solve some puzzles together and have a great time, we can’t recommend booking an escape room highly enough. There are a lot of venues with a range of escape room themes available in Nottingham City Center. Some we recommend include: Escapologic, Cave Escape, Logiclock, Cryptology


Penny Lane Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Penny Lane has a lot of traditional sea side games to play in land-locked Notts. Don’t forget to visit Zoltan to get your fortune told.

Roxy Ballroom There are many things to do at Roxys including booth kareoke, crazy pool (like crazy golf, but its pool), bowling, shuffleboard and much, much more.

Hatchett Harrys Get out any pent up aggression by throwing axes at targets. Rawr!


Book Stores

Page45 For all your graphic novel, manga, and obscure book needs. This shop is a corner of book nerd paradise.

Five Leaves Hidden up an jitty (alleyway)like most of the best things in Nottingham, this book shop is fantastic for a range of literature. Want to broaden your horizons and learn? Want a new, little heard of author to read? This is the shop for you.

Everything Else Stores

Hopkinsons Where can you find antiques, pokemon cards, a barber, a tatooist, taxidermy and vinyls all in one place? Hopkinsons in Nottingham! If it’s all too much to take in you can have a beverage at their bar and cafe too.

Sneinton Market Avenues This area has a range of local independent stores. A couple of Jess’ favourites are The Watered Garden and Wolf Wytch (for all your candle and witchy needs).

Hope you enjoy your time in our awesome city!