codebar Birmingham - Event Partner 2023

codebar is a charity that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running free regular programming workshops for minority groups in tech.

Our goal is to enable minority group members to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities. To achieve this we run free regular workshops, regular one-off events and try to create opportunities for our students making technology and coding more accessible. Our workshops are available to women, LGBTQ and people who are underrepresented in the tech industry.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some want to become full-time developers, whereas some would like to learn the basics of coding in a supportive environment. We encourage new students to work on our HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python or Git tutorials. We also help them understand programming concepts. Therefore we are always on the lookout for more developers to join our community and help coach at our workshops.

We are hosted by some amazing companies who support our cause. As we don’t have a permanent venue, our workshops are hosted by these companies in various locations around the UK, Europe and beyond. Our normal format is 30 minutes of socialising with food and drink, followed by a lightning talk then coding.

codebar is about building a community of experienced developers who are able to give up some of their time to help others. If you are keen on running codebar where you live, we would love to speak to you about it and see how we can help make this happen, so send us an email to