Muslamic Makers - Event Partner 2023

Meet our first confirmed event partner for 2023

What To Know When Submitting A Talk

Submitting a talk to DDD East Midlands? Here's what you need to know.

DDD East Midlands returns for 2023

We're back!

Your stay in Nottingham

Information on hotels, food, fun and more!

On the day precautions

What we are doing to keep everyone as safe and comfortable on the day as possible

The Return of DDD East Midlands Conference

Our decision for bringing back DDD East Midlands and our back up plans, just in case.

Who Talks? You Decide!

Voting for the talks you want to see

The Conference and COVID-19

What we are doing to address COVID-19

The Anonymous Submission Process.

Why are our submissions anonymised.

Recappin’ DDD East Midlands Speakers’ Workshop

The Speakers Workshop

A Conference For Everyone

Planning DDD East Midlands