Who Talks? You Decide!

How to vote and how talks are selected

The talks page is for DDD East Midlands 2020 is live.At DDD East Midlands talks are selected by attendees. Anyone can view the titles and talk descriptions of all submissions. If you have one of the free tickets from Eventbrite for the event you can vote on the top ten talks out of these that you want to see at the conference.

All ticket holders get to vote on the talks they want to see.

In this post we’ll go through how to vote, and how talks get selected.


In order to make the process of talk selection unbiased, only the talk titles and talk descriptions are shown. No details about the speaker or where they work are shown. There are many reasons why we have chosen to display talks in this way, including giving everyone a fair chance of being selected. You can read more about this anonymous process here.

The talks are then selected based on popularity vote. The talks with the most votes are selected with a 20% discretion by organisers for helping with diversity. Each speaker only gets one talk selected.

How to vote

  • If you haven’t already, register for a ticket to the event.
  • Head to the the talks page for DDD East Midlands 2020. This is best viewed on a desktop or laptop. It’s not mobile friendly.
  • You can use the tags on the left to filter by talk themes and lengths to narrow down by your interests.
  • Tags are inclusive. If a talk contains all the tags selected, it will be displayed. If it does not contain one or more of the tags selected, it will not be displayed. If a tag is selected it will be highlighted in teal. If not it will be highlighted in grey.

  • As you see talks you like, make a note of their titles. You will need these for the voting form.
  • You will have received an email with a link to the voting form to the email address you registered your ticket to.

  • The voting form is a Google Form. Enter your email address you used to register your ticket on Eventbrite (we will do checks to ensure there is only one vote per registered attendee using email address).
  • We suggest using browser functionality for searching (ctrl+f or cmd+f) to search for the talk titles you want to vote for. You can vote for your top 10 talks.

Talk selection

The process for talk selection is pretty much the same as last year.

  • The top voted talks will be selected.
  • Speakers can only be selected for one talk. The talks that they submitted with the most votes will be the one that they will be asked to present at the conference.
  • The above points apply for talk lengths as well. We will order based on the longest length to shortest length of talk.
  • The organisers are allowed to use their discretion for 20% of talks for diversity purposes.

What do speakers get?

As written about in the blog around our COVID-19 plans there is some uncertainty around the event still.

If the event get’s postponed until 2021, the speakers will still take part in Dylan Beattie’s online speakers workshop. This exclusive online workshop is going to be fantastic. Dylan is an experienced speaker and organiser who has a lot of tailored hints and tips to share.

If the event isn’t postponed - then the speakers get to speak at a big tech event soon after we are all released. It will be a fantastic celebration of getting through a difficult few months.

See you there and happy voting,